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The 12 Best Essential Oil Diffusers 2018

Who doesn’t need to relax? Anyone? Thought so. Enter the oil diffuser, multi-functional and central to optimal relaxation. An oil diffuser is the best way to enjoy the benefits of essential oils, while at the same time adding moisture to the air. Depending on the type of oil you use, the benefits vary. Lavender is easily the most popular, and is great for promoting relaxation.

Try ylang-ylang for balance; peppermint for clearing up nasal congestion and alleviating headaches; lemongrass for freshness and repelling insects; or cleanse the air with cassia.

All of the diffusers we’ll be looking at here recommend using 100% pure essential oils, and most suggest avoiding citrus oils as they may corrode the mechanisms of the device. It is also important to make sure you clean your oil diffuser regularly and according to instructions, so that you can ensure its longevity. If you do experience any problems with your diffuser, rest assured –– most manufacturers have a return policy within a certain time frame (usually 30-45 days).

What makes an oil diffuser such a great purchase is its multiple applications. Most oil diffusers can also be used as a humidifier (without essential oils), adding moisture to the atmosphere and soothing dryness. They also make excellent night lights, since they feature LED lights which won’t overheat, and can run for a number of hours before shutting off automatically.

Almost all of the diffusers we’ve reviewed here have more or less similar basic functionality. They all use ultrasonic diffusion technology, meaning sound waves vibrate through the water and oil; the waves’ frequency mixes and disperses the liquid in a fine mist without causing the oils to lose their integrity as they would if they were heated. Other standard fare includes mist settings, and auto-shut-off, which means the diffuser will automatically turn off once it detects a low water level.

Despite what all of these diffusers have in common, there are also myriad ways they can differ: Looks, strength of mist output, operating time, price… and of course personal preference.

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Our Selection of the 12 Best Oil Diffusers:

Here is our list of the 12 best oil diffusers based on factors like performance, features, size and price.


1. TaoTronics Essential Oil Diffuser Aromatherapy Diffuser with Wood Grain


TaoTronics Essential Oil Diffuser Aromatherapy Diffuser with Wood Grain

Hi there, best-seller! This essential oil diffuser is one of Amazon’s best-sellers, and it doesn’t take much to see why. It comes with pretty much all the standard features: There are seven LED light colours that can be set to cycle through or remain fixed on one colour, and can be adjusted to be bright or dim. It has a convenient timer, so you can set your diffuser to run for one, three or six hours, or continuously until the tank is empty. The big tank will give you up to eight hours of continuous mist (great for using at night), and the larger capacity means it can effectively cover a large area. This oil diffuser has a beautiful shape. The base of the diffuser contains the water tank and features a chic wood grain veneer. The lid is cone-shaped dome made of frosted plastic, and easily lifts off for access to the water tank and speedy cleaning. Of course this isn’t just an oil diffuser; it can be used without oils simply as a humidifier to add moisture to the air.  It is also an air purifier and ioniser.

Bonus points for having the power plug on the side and not underneath the unit.

If there are any drawbacks –– and let’s face it, there’s got to be something –– it’s that the oil diffuser does not have an “intermittent” mist mode, and the light doesn’t switch off automatically when the diffuser is set to run continuously. If you’re someone who is sensitive to essential oils, don’t want to have too strong a scent in the room, or quite frankly just want the luxury of choice, you might be annoyed by the lack of an “intermittent” setting. The fact that the light doesn’t switch off automatically when the diffuser is set to auto-shut-off.

Other than that, there really isn’t much to fault here. The aesthetic of any oil diffuser plays quite an important role in whether or not it contributes to a relaxing atmosphere –– not too gaudy, bright or bulky, please. This TaoTronics essential oil diffuser gets it just right. It has a soft shape, it has a subtle design, and somehow the woodgrain detail adds a bit of a natural, tranquil feel to it. But over and above its pleasing design, the most important thing is that it works. There’s a reason that this oil diffuser is a best-seller. You can count on it to work well, and do all it says it will. Even better, it’s good for your pocket. You’ll often find that many oil diffusers with a smaller capacity come with a similar (or even higher) price tag.

So you really are getting a great deal here. TaoTronics are trusted in the oil diffuser game, you can be pretty suer they know what they’re doing. But more importantly, this oil diffuser has been a real hit among users. You won’t be disappointed with this purchase, if what you’re looking for is a large-capacity, multi-functional oil diffuser that’s easy on the eye and even easier on your budget.

2. PureSpa Deluxe Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser

PureSpa Deluxe Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser

And now for something a little different.

Introducing the PureSpa Deluxe Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser. Here is an oil diffuser that proves dynamite sometimes comes in small, modern packages. There are a couple of noteworthy features to this oil diffuser. It has a capacity of 120ml –– considerably smaller than the others featured here –– but still has a running time of eight to 10 hours until the water is depleted. And for those who love a bit of a tech gimmick, there isn’t an on/off switch; instead there is a pressure-sensitive that responds to a light touch. Despite its smaller capacity, the PureSpa Deluxe oil diffuser covers an area of about 76m2, which is pretty impressive. This oil diffuser, like its competitors, uses ultrasonic diffusion, so your essential oils will retain their integrity. It also features colour-changing LED lights, which can be turned on or off. The unit comes with a two-year guarantee.

So the first thing that jumps out at you is that this oil diffuser is a lot smaller in capacity than the others in this list. It is about a quarter of the size, in fact. That’s quite a significant difference. Yet somehow it manages to, rather impressively, cover a large area and have a running time on par with the other units featured here.

It is also decidedly more futuristic-looking than many of the oil diffusers we’ve looked at here, which is a welcome change and definitely makes this appealing to a user with a more modern aesthetic. Let’s face it, not everyone is into the faux-wood look. The sleek, modern appearance of this oil diffuser earns it some serious points in my book.

To add to the non-traditional feel of the unit, it also doesn’t have a regular on/off button. Instead, it uses a light touch on a pressure-sensitive pad. And this is also where we hit our first bump in the road. While the idea of a touch pad is great, a few users have found it to be quite sensitive. If it’s positioned where you (or a pet) could brush past, it may cause the unit to switch on or off. However, that’s easily avoided if it placed somewhere out of the way, so it needn’t be a major issue.

As mentioned before, this is a small-capacity oil diffuser, which I’m guessing is the reason it doesn’t have timer settings. That means you can either set it to run continuously until it switches off automatically, or you can manually switch it off once you’ve had enough. It also has only one mist mode (in other words, the mist comes out at one strength only). These are not major issues, but certainly something to take note of.

The PureSpa Deluxe also features vibrant LED lights. You can either select to cycle through the colours, or turn them off. I wouldn’t call it a deal-breaker by any means, but it is worth noting that the lights can’t be fixed on one colour; it’s either on or off.

A warning for any light sleepers out there: the unit beeps quite loudly when it switches off (whether manually or automatically). That is definitely something to keep in mind, especially if you’re using this diffuser in a baby room.

The PureSpa Deluxe comes in at a slightly higher price point than most of its larger capacity competitors. However, you’re definitely getting your money’s worth in a diffuser that delivers on sleek, compact functionality. This oil diffuser does what you want it to. It is sturdy and well made, and is great if you want something unobtrusive (bar the beeping). If you have a little extra to spend, and you’re looking for an oil diffuser that packs a punch with a modern edge, the PureSpa Deluxe is good place to start.

3. The Essential Wellness Essential Oil Diffuser for Aromatherapy

The Essential Wellness Essential Oil Diffuser for Aromatherapy & Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Say “Hello!” to the Essential Wellness Essential Oil Diffuser. This lovely advanced ultrasonic oil diffuser is also a cool mist humidifier, which offers relief for dry coughs, sinus irritation and dry skin.

With a capacity of 300ml, this oil diffuser is ever so slightly smaller than most of the oil diffusers we have listed here, but it certainly brings the goods.

This Essential Wellness oil diffuser has four timer settings. Select to have it running for 60 minutes, 180 minutes, 360 minutes, or continuously for six to eight hours after which it will switch off automatically. It also features seven changing LED colours for a soothing atmosphere. It functions separately from the mist function, so even when you’re not diffusing you can use the light feature. This is especially handy if you’re using this as a night light. You can set the light to cycle through the rainbow of colours, or fix it to the colour of your choice. It also comes with the very convenient addition of a dimmer setting for the light. The unit is easy to clean, operates quietly and is safe and easy to use.

I like the look of this one. It looks simple, sleek and modern without being contrived. The cylindrical design is clean, and the unit’s size is compact at only 22cm high. Even though the Essential Wellness oil diffuser is slightly smaller than some of its larger capacity counterparts, it still has an excellent running time, up to eight hours. That’s pretty impressive. Even more so is that it has a coverage area of up to 65.5m2. I would definitely call this a large oil diffuser, and it is certainly worth considering if you’re in the market for a diffuser for a large area.

Some users have had some issues with the power plug being located toward the bottom of the unit, making it a bit tricky to manoeuvre if it is full. However, most found it to be pretty stable and the cable lay flat without causing any problems.

This oil diffuser runs quietly; but not completely silently, though that is understandable, right? Most (if not all) oil diffusers do make a small amount of white noise while running. Most people actually find it soothing. Just take note of that if you’re a light or sensitive sleeper and are planning on having a diffuser in your bedroom.

Overwhelmingly, this oil diffuser has done very well. By most accounts it diffuses essential oils steadily over its running time –– not too strong, not too weak. The mist output is good, without being heavy and wetting the surrounding surfaces.

The “dimmer” option seems neither here nor there, with no real noticeable difference between the brighter and dimmer settings. That could be a problem if you’re using this diffuser at night and are sensitive to light. Luckily, there is the option to run the diffuser without the light on.

Overall, this is a pretty successful oil diffuser. It has a decent capacity and enough power to cover a relatively large space. It looks good, has a simple design, and is sturdily made.  But most of all, it works. As a mid-priced oil diffuser, the Essential Wellness Essential Oil Diffuser does very well.

4. InnoGear Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

InnoGear Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

Here we have a real best-seller, and it’s not hard to see why. Let’s take a look at the specs, and then see how it performs. This essential oil diffuser has a capacity of 100ml. It’s significantly smaller than the other diffusers on this list, but we’ll get to why that isn’t a problem in a little while. It has three mist settings: The green setting is for intermittent mist at 30-second intervals; red is for a continuous stream of mist; alternatively, set the mist to “off” and use it as a light. The light features seven LED colours. The brightness can be adjusted, and you can set it to be fixed on one colour, or to rotate through them. It also features auto-shut-off, so once the water tank is empty the diffuser will turn off automatically. When the tank is full, the oil diffuser will run for three hours on continuous mode, and six hours on the intermittent setting.

Those were the specs, and to be fair they are pretty standard. The selling point for me –– and the reason the small capacity isn’t a problem –– is the fact that this oil diffuser is portable. Ok, full disclosure: it’s not strictly portable, as it does actually use a power cable. However, this oil diffuser is small and light enough to move around with ease. That gets major points from me, and in my opinion makes up for the fact that the water tank capacity is on the smaller side. It looks like we can’t have it both ways; the smaller tank makes it easier to move around, but you’ll have to fill it more often. Being “portable” also makes up for the fact that this oil diffuser isn’t going to cover a very large area if it’s fixed in one spot.

So if we’re talking about drawbacks, that would be one of them. You will have to move your oil diffuser around, if you have a larger space, to make sure it covers the entire area. But that doesn’t really have to be an issue. Another thing to keep in mind is the running time. Naturally, because of the smaller tank this oil diffuser isn’t going to run as long as larger ones. That probably goes without saying, right? But if you set it to “intermittent” you’ll still get a reasonable six hours of running time, which should be ample especially if you’re wanting to run your oil diffuser through the night.

Now, there is a reason that this oil diffuser is a best-seller. Firstly, it comes in at a hot price, so it is super budget-friendly. Secondly this diffuser is dynamite is a 100ml package. It works quietly and it works well, it’s easy to clean and operate. Users have been overwhelmingly impressed by the functionality of this oil diffuser. What it gets right is striking the balance between practicality and functionality. You probably won’t even care that it’s smaller and that you’ll have to fill it a little more often. If you’re looking for a diffuser for a  larger area, this may not be your pick at first glance. But since you can move it around easily, it works so well, and it’s so well-priced, you could very easily be satisfied with the InnoGear Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser.

Why not buy two?

5. URPOWER Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

URPOWER Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

The Urpower 500ml Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser is a strong contender for the best budget-friendly oil diffuser for a large space. Let’s see how it fares under closer inspection.

This diffuser features 3-in-1 functionality: First, as an aromatherapy diffuser. Second, as a humidifier. And third, as a night light.

It uses advanced ultrasonic diffusing technology, with a frequency of 2.4 million vibrations per second. At this frequency, water and essential oils are broken down into super-fine micro-particles, without using heat. This is a good thing, because heat breaks down the properties of essential oils.

This is a large oil diffuser, with a 500ml water capacity. It has a running period of up to 10 hours at a time, and is equipped with a timer that can be set to run the diffuser for 60, 120, or 180 minutes. Alternatively, the diffuser will run until there is no more water, and then automatically switch off. The machine can be used as a straight-up humidifier without aromatherapy oils, or with your favourite 100% essential oil.

The body of the oil diffuser itself is also a night light, featuring LED lighting in seven colours. It weighs about 520g when empty, and its dimensions are 168X121mm, making this a pretty compact  design. Included in the package is the diffuser, a charger adaptor, a measuring cup, and a user manual.

Right, so is this the best oil diffuser for you? Well, if you’re looking for something that’s multi-functional, this one might just do the trick. And by all accounts, it works like a bomb. This is a very popular oil diffuser for large spaces, and it is pretty easy to see why. The ultrasonic diffusing technique retains the integrity of the molecular structure of the essential oils, meaning they’re easier for the body to absorb, improving breathing, strengthening your immune system, and relieving stress. Using the diffuser with or without essential oils won’t detract from its benefits though; its humidifying feature helps ease dry coughs, sinus irritation and dry skin. So, health benefits abound.

The night-light feature is a great added bonus, especially if you have a little one who’s prone to sniffles or congestion. The light isn’t too bright, so it won’t disturb any light sleepers. In fact, adults and kids alike find it very relaxing. It transitions smoothly between the seven soft colours, creating a soothing atmosphere. You can also select to have it fixed on one specific colour, or no colour at all. It even functions as a night light when you’re not using it as a diffuser.

Probably the most important aspect is the mist. The diffuser lets off a cool mist (although it could be better described as a steam) that can be programmed to one of three settings — low, high or continuous. The continuous setting is great — and probably the one I’d use most often — because it allows the oil diffuser to run until the water supply is depleted, and then automatically switch off. This is perfect for two scenarios: if you’re leaving your diffuser on during the day and want to come home to a beautifully scented home; or if you’re using your oil diffuser’s humidifying properties at night and just want to switch it on before bed and know it will run until morning. Convenient.

However, if you’re just wanting to use your oil diffuser for a short period, it’s handy having the two other settings, too. You can also adjust the direct of the mist spray. Some users have noted that they can’t always differentiate between the low and high settings, though.

This may not be the best portable oil diffuser, if that’s what you’re looking for: the oil diffuser’s power cable is towards the bottom of the unit, and some users found it a bit tricky to move the diffuser around, especially when it was filled to capacity. HOWEVER, personally this isn’t much of an issue, because this oil diffuser is large enough and strong enough to be effective in a large area, so moving it isn’t really necessary.

It is super easy to clean, which the manufacturers note you should do at least once a week. It runs relatively quietly, producing quite a pleasant white noise to fall asleep to.

If you’re after good value for money,  and a product that performs well across the board, the Urpower 500ml Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser is a great option. It’s a great option if you’re looking for an essential oil diffuser for a large room, with some added features to boot.


6. OliveTech Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser with Color LED Lights Changing


OliveTech Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser with Color LED Lights Changing

This striking little number is the OliveTech Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser 400ml. It’s an ultrasonic cool mist humidifier, with a seven-colour LED light display and a lovely dark wood grain exterior and elegant funnel shape. It uses ultrasonic frequency to break down water and essential oils without compromising the integrity of the oils. It has a 400ml water capacity, four timer settings and  two mist settings and work run for up to eight hours. That means that you can adjust your oil diffuser to suit your needs. You can set it to run for one, three or six hours, or set it to run continuously until the water runs out and the diffuser switches off automatically. The Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser operates quietly and gives off a fine mist. The unit has a full running time of eight hours on its high mist setting, and 12 hours on its low setting. When you receive your diffuser, you’ll be getting the 400ml Aroma Diffuser, an adapter, measuring cup and a user manual. It probably goes without saying, but essential oils are not included.

Overwhelmingly, the biggest positive about the Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser is that it is really, really pretty and works well.  It is attractive and sleek, and certainly won’t be an eyesore as it really does become a decor piece. Its organic, tulip-like shape is somehow very fitting for an aromatherapy diffuser.

The neck of the oil diffuser allows for a steady stream of mist to be produced. The well sits directly below the neck, which lifts off easily to fill and clean (which you should do regularly to maintain your diffuser). Because the spout is right above the water well, your essential oils will diffuse quite powerfully, especially in the first few minutes, so you might want to start by using your oils sparingly and then increasing the amount you use if you find it’s not strong or long-lasting enough.

One small bit of advice: a few users have found that, because of the wider spout/neck opening, a fair amount of moisture can collect on the surface around the diffuser, so either place it on a surface that won’t be water damaged (glass/granite) or stand it on something to protect your wooden surface.

The light feature is really subtle, adding to the tastefulness of the design of this oil diffuser. It really is just a simple strip of light around the body of the diffuser, so it offers a very soft, unobtrusive light –– perfect for light sleepers, and great for kids’ rooms. Set yours to cycle through the seven colours, set it to stay on one colour, or opt to leave the light off completely.

If you’re looking for a pretty oil diffuser for a large room, this is the one for you –– if you’ve got an open-plan living area. It’s not the most powerful diffuser, so the scent and/or moisture may struggle to reach other rooms if there isn’t much of an air current to help it along. That said, the scent is strong enough in a relatively large area. Remember, it’s 400ml so it’s not necessarily the biggest capacity. Still, it packs a veritable punch.

Is this the one for you? Well, it really depends on what you’re looking for. This oil diffuser certainly ticks the boxes in terms of aesthetics, and by all accounts it works well. Personally, the biggest drawcard is the subtle light feature. It’s on the higher end of the price scale, and your money is getting you an attractive, functional, large aromatherapy oil diffuser that would happily be at home in your bedroom, living room or office.


7. MIU COLOR Aromatherapy Essential Oils Diffuser


MIU COLOR Aromatherapy Essential Oils Diffuser

Now here’s a large oil diffuser with a healthy dose of fun-factor. The MIU COLOR Aromatherapy Essential Oils Diffuser has a 500ml capacity, diffusing mist out the top of the unit and comfortably humidifying an area of 30m2, making it great to use in open spaces. This oil diffuser can run for 10 hours when filled to its 500ml capacity. Alternatively, set it to one of the five timer options and auto-shut-off that give you complete control over your diffuser. The MIU COLOR works through ultrasonic atomising, with convenient adjustable mist intensity. It operates quietly, so it is ideal to use throughout the night.

Personal bonus feature: The seven-colour night-light feature. The entire unit illuminates,  functioning as a night light with a selection of seven soothing colours. It’s an attractive, simple, large oil diffuser that’s suitable to use in your bedroom, office, kids’ rooms, or really anywhere in you house.

Those were the specs; now how does this diffuser hold up? All in all, it does pretty well. It is easy to use, easy to clean, and does what it says it will. Its large capacity means that it is effective in a larger area. It also has a really long running time (10 hours) until the water runs out and the diffuser switches off automatically. If you’d rather set it to a shorter duration, you can select 60, 120, or 180 minutes’ running time.

Pretty much all the oil diffusers mentioned on this list have a light feature –– some more subtle than others. With the MIU COLOR oil diffuser, the whole thing is a light. The cool thing is that the brightness of the light can be adjusted to high, low or off, so it’s not as if you’ll have a strobe light going around the clock. The colours are also very subtle, casting a soft and soothing wash of colour in the room. And you can use if as a light only (in other words, you don’t have to use be diffusing to use the light feature). This is my favourite feature of the MIU COLOR oil diffuser; it makes this the ideal diffuser to use in a kid’s room because you’re essentially getting two products in one: a soothing night light and an oil diffuser/humidifier for those nights when they have the sniffles. Sign me up! As a mom, this is gold.

At this price point, this large oil diffuser holds its own. There have been a few grumbles among users about the lifespan of the product. With any diffuser, it’s important to care for and clean it properly, and make sure you’re using 100% essential oils in the water. Lifespan could also come down to how often you’re using your diffuser. Overwhelmingly, though, users have been more than happy. And that seems to be the trend overall. This is also a unit that needs to be plugged in, so make a note of that if you’re looking for something portable. Although, as with most diffusers this size, it is effective in a large enough area that moving it isn’t really necessary.

You’re not going to buy this oil diffuser if you’re looking for something terribly chic. But you are going to buy it if you’re looking for an oil diffuser that will be effective in a large area, that will add a bit of fun and colour to your space, and if you’re looking for something for a kid’s room.

The price is great, the product works well, and it has a few different applications –– so you’re definitely getting bang for your buck here.

8. 2017 ASAKUKI Premium Essential Oil Diffuser

2017 ASAKUKI Premium Essential Oil Diffuser

The 2017 ASAKUKI 500ml Premium Essential Oil Diffuser is a beautiful ultrasonic, multi-functional aromatherapy product that features seven LED colours, multiple mist nebuliser modes, and an auto-switch that turns the unit off once the water has been depleted, preventing overheating. This large oil diffuser improves air quality: Not only does it diffuse your essential oils, it also acts as an air purifier and humidifier. The ASAKUKI oil diffuser improves air quality by purifying and humidifying the atmosphere, eliminating odours and protecting you against dry air, dust and allergens. It is made with high-quality, safe and eco-friendly materials, so it’s not only good for you, it is good for the environment too. This oil diffuser is super easy to use and easy to clean.

This large oil diffuser is really pleasing on many fronts. First, it’s a pretty piece of equipment. It has a wood-look base, and the top of the unit is opaque plastic that functions as a light. It is quite similar in appearance to the MIU COLOR also mentioned in this list, but is somehow rendered significantly sleeker with the addition of that wood-look trim. So if looks matter to you, that might be the deal breaker.

Second, this unit is multi-functional –– and good at it, too, apparently. It’s not only an oil diffuser, but also an air purifier and humidifier. So if you’re someone who regularly suffers from allergies, this is a great option for you.

Third –– and this is definitely a great selling point for me –– is the fact that it is made from eco-friendly materials. It’s actually made from the same materials baby bottles are made from, so you know it is safe. It may sound like a small thing, but it is reassuring to know that a product is relatively responsibly made and won’t be letting off any damaging fumes.

As an oil diffuser –– which is why we’re here –– the ASAKUKI holds its own very well. Users are generally most impressed by the simple functionality of the unit. The water tank has clear markings, it is hassle-free to fill and clean, and the buttons on the unit are simple to read. It’s really easy to work, and reasonably customisable when it comes to timing, mist settings and light settings. You can also select to have the light cycle through all seven colour options, choose one colour, or no light at all. The brightness is also adjustable, which is very convenient.

Now, to be fair, some users have received a lemon here and there, but ASAKUKI has made up for it with great customer service.

Some users have noted that there isn’t much difference between the high and low mist settings, but are still pleased with the amount of mist the diffuser produces so it’s not enough of a negative to put most users off. The ASAKUKI has a power cable, so it’s not portable. But, again, with a large capacity of 500ml, you’ll have shouldn’t have a problem with the effectiveness of this  oil diffuser in a larger room.

The big question: Is it worth my money? Well, if you’re looking for an oil diffuser that strikes the balance between quirky and sleek, and offers multi-functionality at a reasonable price, then yes. You won’t be disappointed. This unit comes in slightly higher on the price scale as its closest competitor on this list (the MIU COLOR), but for that price you’re getting something that looks a little more grown up and has great functionality to boot.

9. VicTsing Cool Mist Humidifier Ultrasonic Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser

VicTsing Cool Mist Humidifier Ultrasonic Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser

Here’s a solid oil diffuser from a trusted brand, the Vic Tsing 300ml Cool Mist Humidifier Ultrasonic Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser. Like a few of the diffusers we’ve looked at, this one’s capacity comes in at a decent 300ml –– not the biggest water tank, but substantial and certainly not the smallest.

It is a really attractive oil diffuser. It has a lovely elegant bulb shape, and features a soft, light wood grain finish. With four timer settings, you’re offered great flexibility in terms of how and when you use your diffuser. And we’re all about choice here. You can set your diffuser to run for one, three or six hours, or set it to run continuously, until the water tank is depleted and it goes into auto-shut-off.  This diffuser, like many of its peers, has a seven-colour LED light feature. What makes this one a little more subtle is that instead of the light emanating from half (or more) of the unit, only a subtle strip around the middle of the diffuser lights up. Set it to cycle through the range of colours, set it to a single colour, or run your diffuser without any light at all. The mist output is quite powerful, which means larger spaces will benefit from it too.

This oil diffuser is very popular, and it is pretty easy to see why. It operates quietly and efficiently, and it is attractive to boot. If we’re going to talk drawbacks, some users have complained about the fact that the top of the diffuser doesn’t lock into place, meaning that if it is knocked over there will be a significant amount of spillage. That is easily avoidable, of course, by ensuring your oil diffuser is placed on a sturdy surface in a place it won’t easily be knocked over. However, this is still something to keep in mind depending on where you’re going to be using yours. Aside from that, this diffuser really performs. And it’s the small things that make the difference. Like the thin strip of light, which is great if you’re sensitive to light and you’re using this at night, or using it as a kiddies’ nightlight and don’t want it to disturb them. This also adds to the fact that a diffuser is meant to help you relax, which may be hard to do if it’s too bright.

It is also a multifunctional oil diffuser. It can be used to diffuse your essential oils, but can also be used as a humidifier, simply (and effectively) adding moisture to the air. If you or someone in your household suffers from allergies or the air happens to be very dry, that functionality alone is a good enough reason to consider buying this device.

Overall, users have been very happy with this VicTsing oil diffuser. Yes, it comes in at a slightly higher price point than some diffusers in its size range (even some of the larger ones). However, you’re getting great quality for your money. You’re getting a beautifully designed, multi-functional oil diffuser from a trusted manufacturer. If you have a larger area, this oil diffuser will work well for you, too. And, sometimes legacy really is enough to go on. You won’t be disappointed in this VicTsing oil diffuser.

Go. Buy.

10. URPOWER Aromatherpay Essential Oil Diffuser 

URPOWER Aromatherpay Essential Oil Diffuser 

Here we have another offering from URPOWER in the form of the 300ml  Wood grain Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser. This one has a smaller capacity –– it is 200ml smaller –– and looks a little more… polished. This oil diffuser is sleeker, with a teardrop shape and warm wood-look finish. The top half lifts off for easy access to the water tank inside. The band around the middle and the top of the lid light up, featuring seven adjustable LED colours, so you can decide if you’d like them set to bright or dim. Let it cycle through the range of colours, or keep it fixed on one. Ultrasonic oil diffusion ensures that your essential oils retain their integrity during diffusion, through the use of vibrating sound waves to create the cool, fine mist. The mist strength can also be adjusted to high or low. It has a running time of up to 10 hours when left to run until auto-shut-off (when the tank is empty). Otherwise, you can set it for 60, 180, or 360 minutes. The lights, by the way, can be either on or off while the diffuser is running.

Standard fare, right? Here we have a pretty solid essential oil diffuser. It comes in at an ever-so-slightly higher price point than the other URPOWER oil diffuser we looked at. For your money you’re getting a sleeker, more attractive item, that will certainly offer a more stylish addition to your home decor, if that’s what you’re going for.  The light feature on this oil diffuser is a little more subtle, as it’s not the entire unit that lights up, but rather just parts of it. That’s definitely something to keep in mind if you’re someone who’s light-sensitive and want to use this at night while still benefitting from that particular feature.

Users have been really impressed with this oil diffuser’s effectiveness in large spaces (despite it being smaller than some of the other diffusers we’ve featured here). The mist is cool and fine, and thanks to the gentle vibration of the ultrasonic waves, the fragrance of your essential oils is released steadily.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind before you make your purchase. This particular oil diffuser doesn’t have a designated on/off switch; it powers on when it’s plugged in and switches off once it’s unplugged. This should really only be an issue if you’re going to be using it predominantly for shorter periods and are concerned about leaving the unit on after it’s stopped running. If you’re mostly letting it run through night, this issue shouldn’t bother you at all; simply unplug it the morning when you wake up. The second drawback is that the cable plugs in at the base of the unit. It is annoying more than anything else;  if there’s water in the tank, just be careful when plugging your diffuser in and out. These are relatively minor negatives, but definitely something to consider if it’s going to affect how you use your diffuser.

Users have been really happy with the URPOWER 300ml Wood grain Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser. Even though it’s not one of the largest diffusers we’ve looked at here, it still works well in big spaces. It’s an elegant design that will fit in with any home decor scheme. And its price is great; you’re getting a good-quality product that’s a hit with users and is easy on your pocket.


11. COOSA Genuine Unique Enchanted Forest Essential Oil Diffuser


COOSA Genuine Unique Enchanted Forest Essential Oil Diffuser

It’s a wildcard, folks! So, this oil diffuser is a little (a lot) different to the others we’ve looked at. It has a small water tank, with a capacity of just 100ml. It has four timer options, allowing you to set it to run for 30, 60, 120 or 180 minutes. It also features LED lights with seven colours to choose from; let the colours rotate, select it to fix on one colour, or run your diffuser without the light. It can also be used just as a light. What makes this diffuser so special, though, and what got it onto this list, is that it looks magical. The name really says it all: The cover is brushed metal, and the body of the oil diffuser features a beautiful forest design. When the light shines through from the inside, it creates an intricate, ethereal silhouette. It really is enchanting, and makes this diffuser perfect to use as a nightlight.

Look, this isn’t a heavy-duty oil diffuser. It’s not going to be suitable for very large spaces, due to its small capacity. It does score major points in the looks department, though, and for some that’s what counts. But don’t let its capacity put you off. This little machine isn’t only pretty, it works well, too. It operates quietly, so it’s not disruptive at all. It will run for about three hours before auto-shut-off, and like the other diffusers we’ve looked at, this COOSA model also uses ultrasonic diffusion to create a cool mist and maintain the integrity of your oils. So, even though it’s small, this oil diffuser has the same functionality as the others.

This oil diffuser is at the higher end of the price scale, especially considering its size. That said, if you’re after something that looks special, this is definitely a product to consider. What it may lack in capacity and running time, it makes up for in tons of charm.

12. AromaCare Large Essential Oil Diffuser for Aromatherapy

AromaCare Large Essential Oil Diffuser for Aromatherapy

Another wildcard, this time on the other end of the capacity spectrum. This is one  gets an honorary mention as it is the biggest oil diffuser we’ve looked at, coming in at a really impressive 600ml. It has a total running time of up to 20 hours on a full tank, with two mist settings. This oil diffuser also has a light function, but unlike the others we’ve looked at, it does not have a selection of colours to rotate through. Here, when you switch on the light the area around your oil diffuser will be bathed in a warm golden glow, which is very relaxing. It’s also a major bonus if you’re sensitive to light when you’re sleeping; keep in mind that the light can be switched off if you prefer. Options are great.

The biggest takeaway here is the sheer volume of this diffuser. If you’re after a diffuser that has hours worth of working time, you’re on to a winner here. It’s also a great choice if you have a very large space that you want to diffuse your oils into. Perhaps something to keep in mind is that, because this diffuser’s tank is so much larger, it’s going to take a little more essential oils than you would with a smaller water tank. But that could be expected. Yes, it’s a lot higher on the price scale than the others here, but that’s also because it has an extra 100ml on them. Users seem pretty pleased with its running time and mist output, which is really what is most important.

So is this a splurge? Technically, probably not, since it is bigger. For use around the house it might be a bit larger than you would normally need, but why not treat yourself?