Take The Party With You!

Yamaha is already a well-known brand in the music industry but I think their recent strides into the portable bluetooth outdoor speaker market is pretty cleverly done from a branding perspective. Meet the Yamaha PDX-11BL iPod/iPhone Speaker Dock.


The PDY is not as small as other competitors like the Boombotix Rex, Bose Soundlink Mini or even the TurtleShell but thanks to the clever handle design it is still a very portable and very powerful Yamaha speaker system for your iPhone, iPod or Outdoor TV. In fact, the octagon-shaped speaker was designed specifically to deliver great sound in favor of being really small. The metal handle makes it easy to haul around and it features a very decent built in amplifier.

It’s a great speaker with great sound quality but I particularly like the brand positioning – Take the party with you. In today’s ever more portable and mobile world few concepts have become so ubiquitous as quickly as the notion of having your technology and gadgets on you at all time. Yamaha is tapping into that current tide and hoping that the young hip generation will appreciate the funky design and hopefully these types of outdoor speakers will start showing up on beaches all across the globe!