Online Branding: Need of the Hour

Digital MarketingDigital marketing has gradually evolved into an industry. Businesses have made fortunes with the power of digital marketing and will continue to do so. The introduction of web2.O caused a revolution in the world of web and since then it has been a must for businesses to start branding themselves online. Online branding is not just helpful in increasing better ROI but also helps establish a healthy presence online and aid visibility by reaching out to a global audience.

Why Brand Online?

A lot of businesses running on the traditional modes of marketing are still not sure if or not they should brand themselves online. The extent to which the internet can help you spread your wings is huge and with more and more people going online to look for what they want, online branding is the need of the hour – let your clients find you online.

Let us take the example of a shop that sells car accessories. There are a large number of individuals who are fishing for cheap deals on car accessories online and with little investment, this shop has a lot to gain simply by putting up a Facebook page and promoting their products there. If Facebook were a country, it would be the second most populated country on the planet. This fact simply goes on to show that all your target audiences are out there and are looking for you.

The number of searches for car accessories on a daily basis runs in millions. There are other searches as well that are much related to car accessories. Smart marketers also look to promote their products to people who are not looking for generic products but for specific ones. A person looking for bike racks for SUV is looking for something very specific and if a certain shop brands itself online as the one-stop shop for all car accessories, then they can expect these customers to come to them and purchase from them.

While the B2C segment booms online, B2B segment has a little tough time out there as well. The B2B segment would not focus on direct increase of ROI from their online marketing efforts but would focus on establishing themselves as a strong brand and a people friendly brand. This would happen over a period of time with a number of online activities being carried out. The following online activities help you brand your business online and get a good ROI –

  1. SEO – Search Engine Optimization
  2. SEA – Search Engine Advertising – Refers to online ads
  3. SMM – Social Media Marketing
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Social Media Advertising
  6. Integrated Marketing – Where you bring your on-ground activitiesonline to create awareness.
  7. PPC Campaigns – A mode of advertising on the web.

In order to have a solid online presence and generate leads for your business, the right mélange of the above mentioned activities is required.