511 Rush Backpack – Rugged Branding

5.11 Tactical Inc. creates products for law enforcement, military and firefighting professionals and sell most of their items on the open market under the registered trademarks, 5.11 Tactical┬«. The company is building their brand profile around the ruggedness and characteristics that makes it possible to operate successfully in these challenging and action-packed environments. Their product philosophy is to build no-compromise items that are field tested and practical. It’s not the type of backpack anyone will be confusing with a rolling type backpack, fortunately.

Their most popular military backpack for example is the Rush 24 Backpack and their brand claim is as bold as it is appealing to that segment of the market who are interested in tactical gear: “Quite simply the best tactical backpack on the market”

ASs you can see from the images below – it’s a great looking product and you obviously need that to build your brand claims on.


The listed featuures for this pack include:

  • Roomy main storage area
  • Dual zipping side pockets
  • Hydration pocket
  • Stuff-it pocket with integrated draw cord
  • Reinforced grab-and-go handle
  • Wrap-around MOLLE/SlickStick web platform
  • Three mesh admin compartments
  • Zippered fleece-lined eyewear pocket
  • hook and loop fastener nametape and flag patches



511 Tactical is a great example of a company who understands their target market and are tapping into their experience and knowledge about tactical gear to brand and position themselves as the company who really gets it, who builds products that are more than just good looking but that have been designed to help you carry everything you may need in a crisis situation without slowing you down. In the minds of the layman, military approved and tested equipment is just that little notch more desirable than similar items that doesn’t have that pedigree. 511 Tactical, in designing these backpacks understood that simple principle and they are using that not only to market these packs very successfully to the masses but to establish a brand identity that associates them with high equality, tried and tested backpacks that’s uncompromising in quality and, simple put – as good as it gets.